WiFi, as a service or as a product

Wifi, we can’t do without it. We need a wireless connection for all of our devices, apps and video’s. Without a fast WiFi netwerk we are nowhere.

Step into a world where WiFi always works, guest access is easily arranged en you don’t have to worrt about management, that’s WiFi365.

Pay per user per month, complete with transmitters and network equipment and the fun part: you can install it yourself.

jvegter supplies WiFi as a service with WiFi365. Together we make sure your WiFi always works and does what it is supposed to do, that is fast and easy access to the WiFi network.


  • We make an inventory of your office environment and check the demands.
  • We tell you what it will cost.
  • You are happy and decide to go for it.
  • We do a remote site survey from a floorplan and decide what you need.
  • We make arrangements to do the installation or if you do it yourself.
  • Everyone is online within 3 week after the order.

Another Service?

Yes correct because paying per user per month is easy and does not nibble on your funds like a one-time investment would.


But what is I don’t want that?

Then you don’t have to. You can buy the equipment, pay for the installation and the management to your ICT partner because we also work with Wentzo Wireless. They can do the management for you as well. It’s up to you.

That is what we call: WiFi Free.