Indeed, websites. When you think about cloud you don’t really think about websites but that is incorrect. Websites are hosted on webservers which are mostly placed in datacenters. This brings us back to the cloud. It is my fiosophy that a good website does not have to cost a lot of money or have a long development cycle. The same as with your network. No difficult terms and heavy language, just simple and complete.

Examples of my work

Mosque Anware Mustafa

A new website to replace the existing one with daily prayer times clearly visible. An agenda to place all events and a good visibility on all devices. these were the objectives.

Mart Service

The old website was not optimized for mobile devices and could use a refresh. Google analytics had not been implemented so we did not know if there were visitors and what they were doing. I have definetely changed that.

M&M Haarmode

No website? No problem. This barber located in the hagues laakkwartier did not have a website yet but wanted to increase their visibilty. Ther are visible now! They take care of the maintenance on their own and I just look over their shoulder.

Mike’s Kappersopleidingen

As an entrepeneur you decide to do barber workshops. What do you do? You create a workshop portfolio and communicate this through a website. In the meantime the workshops are full an the website is top ranked in google on the most important keywords.

Back in balance

Your existing website is offline and your customers find you through Facebook but you still want you own spot on the internet without fuzz. That is what you get. To be able to explain what it is you do with text and video’s en show where you are located.

Wijnreis Roemeniƫ

You are organising a wine trip to Romania and want to entise potentially interested people with information and pictures about the trip. Then you build a website that displays this clearly with a good visibilty on all devices.

What sets me apart from others?

  • Check your page speed
  • Standard integration of Google analytics, Google search and Bing.
  • Submitting to Google Maps
  • A very good check for responsiveness
  • Check on different browsers
  • Placing myself in your shoes as an entrepeneur