All about your cloud?

Your cloud is what it’s all about. You often work form the cloud without even noticing it. Beacuase the cloud is a collection of servers used to run programs through internet. It does not get more exciting than that. Think about office applications like sharepoint and outlook. Whether tis cloud is yours, a suppliers or a manufacturers, the chance is high it runs in a datacenter. It is very important to have a fast connection so you don’t have any delays while you are working. That’s where we come into play.

What we do?

This is actually quite easy to explain. With a team of independt professionals we build the connections you need to work using the internet. The office network, the datacenter or the antenna’s of the mobile network. We are everywhere. Fiber, copper and equipment, we know all about it.

How does it work?

We are responsible for the cabled network. We know all about the cables, from your workplace to the IT room. We supply materials for this. so called, passive network, we install it, plce the equipment and supply a working cabled network. After this it is up to your ICT department or ICT service provider to do the rest and make sure the network traffic will be working. We are 100% responsible for for this part and in case of any problems we will be right there. Easy,right?