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Tomorrows technology today!

Image of different devices making webdesign complex.


Whether it is a simple website of specific knowledge of techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript or databases, i have the knowledge.


Servers in a server room


Specialist knowledge in datanetwworks with a focus on fiber optics.

Design, supply and installation.

Fiber Optic Patchcable


We have made a modern webshop for our customers only.

With a few clicks you can order anything you need to build and maintain a datanetwork.

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I am Jeroen Vegter.

A quick introduction so you now who you are dealing with.

In 2018 I started as an entrepeneur because of my vision on how things should be different and can be different.

Through my extensive experience in the ICT sector on the topic of datanetworks I decided to create a network of companies for the purpose of doing projects. The advantage of 1 contact and 1 invoice for my customers.

Next to this I have been making websites and I wanted to know and learn more about this. By investing in this, on the technical side as well as in myself I have blossomed in this field.

Now the foundations are in place and beside having a network of companie we now have a network of suppliers as well.

As an independent advisor we have done several projects and we will keep on going.



Curious about what I can do for you?

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